• How do I apply for a project?

    You can contact the Study Fraccaroli of Peschiera del Garda:

    1. with a request via email

    2. With a phone call to this number 045 640 1102

    We will set a first free meeting to understand his requests, free of charge and without obligation. In this way we will make a first acquaintance and from there we will develop projects together that we deem to be the most responsive to your requests.

  • What about the design and / or renovation of interior, it's one of your asset?

    Our study is architecture in the round: any aspects of the construction and urban development are taken into account. In this sense, we have gained valuable experience also in desing interior of which you can see some examples in our projects section

  • What is the difference between the preliminary design, the final design and the working plan?

    Are the three degrees of detail of every project. It starts from the concept that outlines the project and the guidelines for understanding the feasibility in terms


    • urbanistic
    • building
    • economic and financial


    you go to the final design, which will cure the detail to combine the needs and expectations of the customer and to be examined by the relevant bodies (Municipal Technical Office, Commission of local landscape, Superintendent of Environmental, Health Trust, etc. as needed). After this you get the working plan to define the details, materials, and to educate the workers on site.
    Each step has a degree of definition related to the complexity of the project. Is important to know that in the execution phase of the changes can be agreed with the "Variante in Corso d'Opera".


  • I am an architect / designer, how do I apply for a collaboration?

    The architectural firm is open to collaborations both impromptu (on individual projects) and of long duration.

    To get information about these opportunities you can send an email explaining the idea or project and we will fix a meeting.

STUDIO FRACCAROLI - Via Mantova, 4 - 37019 - Peschiera del Garda - Verona - Italy - TEL. 045 640 1102 - P.IVA 02855530230